Freedom to Think


Many who have learned from Hesiod the countless names of gods and monsters

nevertheless do not understand that night and day are one

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Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man     who woke up

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All of my reactions are an entirely rational response to a completely crazy world

Hello, welcome to my crazy disorganized world, spend as long as  you like. Think of this I guess as a comfy armchair for your mind, squirm about, toss the cushions onto the floor, join an astonishing 130000 visitors, across now nearly six years, who came, and who stayed a while.

Pull up your feet and make yourself at home, 'Me Casa su Casa'.... Oh and if you leave with even an iota more than you arrived with, then  I think we are both growing from this moment of union..... Much more inside including information about four books in print, including the brand new 'Wise Hermione' the recently published 'parable of responsibility' commentators have observed as 'a tale for our times'


May the universe treat you well


Warmly David

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For all his bluster it is the sad triumph of man that he cannot choose his destiny, only how he will face it

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Watch out for the Ricochet

I am learning about the benefits of predictive information, that gauge of what is likely from the significant people around us that gives the mental security we seem to crave.


I also  learn that people don't always do what we predict, and so like a gunslinger you cannot always be sure;  so I do advise




Character is fate - The only maxim by which you may truly judge yourself and others




When the Spiders Come

Perhaps only I remain - To question how it is that we cry foul at 'the nanny state', and yet as soon as the cold wind of covid 19 began to blow immediately from every crack and shadow came forth the whiners and the whingers.


Oh oh oh that's not good enough, how are we supposed to do this, what about me, what about me, what about me. And the politicians and business leaders chipping pointless points from one another whilst their empires burn...


This is not the first time I think!!


I am reminded of The Life of Brian, when the multitide told by Brian to 'just fuck off' reply in unison


'How should we fuck off oh lord'?


WELL.....Hot off the Press news - The new book has a title  




In part a series of shorter tales all interlinked though based on a journey through dreams, seemingly the only place a human being can inhabit/direct a truly multiple set of personalities and realities at the same moment - and built around an investigation into nature's reason for all that empty brain space we apparently have as a redundancy, and all that junk DNA the scientists will tell you is just 'left over'


Not sure nature does much in the way of left overs let us see


In other part this will be a following in the footsteps of Frierich Nietzsche and his cohort Zarathustra - what price my humility at daring to walk behind so towering a subversive? Nonetheless as by his own words - humility is not my chosen virtue


His words -


Flee, my friend into your solitide, I see you deafened by the uproar of great men and pricked by things of the small ones.


Forest and rock know well how to be silent with you. Be like the tree again, the wide branching tree that you love: calmly and attentively it leans out over the sea


Where solitude ceases there the market place begins; and where the market place begins, there begins the uproar of the great actors and the buzzing of the poisonous flies ......


And mine -


Moments before he had thought they were adults.


Rocking back and forth whilst incanting child rhymes, but adults nonetheless; wandering various and vicarious, lost and terrified so it seemed.


But as he looked again, his vision clearing for a few moments, seeing carefully and clearly, he realised that in fact they were all just children.


And in his previse he spied that he was too


Beware the towering ego that all may spy but you