Freedom to Think

Alphabet Soup

Mandatory missions make messy inhibitions

Naked needs, never naught, draw such decisions

Overmuch outward, onward oscillations to places set

Particular penury, perhaps perchance regret.


Qualified, quantified, questioned quarrelled much

Resistance recovered readily, reminded such

Statements sworn, suggestions spoke with a simple verve

Total training, tactless teaching, which will never serve


Under upwards, using urges, set along a path

Varying victories, venerating, vindicating, just for a laugh.

Welcomed with wayward wishes, anything a’new

Extant xrays, exhaling explains what you can see through


Zippiest, zingiest, zestiest zoolatry, speaking of the beast

Amorphous action, an analogy of the journey’s feast.

Best began, begat borrowed from, learned by rote

Clarion cymbal, cacophony crumbles, on a simple note


Devoted deadly, double down and unsteady

Enriched exceptions ever echo we are not ready

Finding futile, fudging fables told to make a point

Given grace, gambled gladly, passed on to anoint


Hapless hands hate holding on, be gone and let me go

I invite idiot idioms, you see as I throw

Junctures joined, juries judging as we must the move

Killing Kraken, kidding killjoys that here is the groove


Let leavings lately left always be bereft

Yes yet you yap, I read the trap, and best laid plans are best....


Tis just my thinking...........

David Jackman July 2014

Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man who woke up



Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance... Carl Sandburg