Fear or Love. We get to choose


I learn that the past can just as easily be a launchpad to a wonderful future...

Or a barbed wire fence to keep me locked on my own personal island...

But best of all is that I guess I now know that I get to choose...

Pretty neat huh.


Check out your past tis full of good learning ...


But beware getting stuck there.


The picture above left is a couple of years later, by now I am 19, dating a hair dresser (I know this cos my hair is dyed a somwhat un-natural colour). Still hadn't learned anything about relationship conduct as I remember, and some might suggest not much about fashion either (although I was sufficiently pursuasive that I got two friends and brother in the picture to go buy matching suits!!). Bottom left the 18 year old athlete on his 1st 'mates' holiday in Spain..T'was the only one I ever had in my younger years, I was far too terrified to stay far away from whichever girlfriend I was at that time involved with, and so I missed out I guess on any number