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Cosmic Princess- Of Romantic Love, Fools Gold, and Blind Men....... An introduction to the forthcoming novel - ENTITLED

I see your face wherever I go


Wonder about you, but then what can I know


Cosmic princess dancing fast and then slow


One forever that’s what I now know


She looked out across a landscape of such brilliant gold encrusted hue that I would have squinted to just behold such light and beauty. Her gown swept out behind her and billowed softly in a warm summer’s breeze, in time with the slow flutter of her hair.


Her gaze was clear and her eyes were undaunted by the day’s end light.


Unmatched as such a day might be by any other that has gone before still it was but a pale thing when stood next to such as she.


The sun was going down on a perfect summer day and soon the clear black night sky would peel across that golden twilight to reveal its own panoply of wonders; moon and stars would slowly spread like a blanket of whitest milk on darkest ink, owls hooting to brave the coming darkness like knights errant.


Still she would stand, the warmth of the day wrapped around her beyond the sun’s goodbye, and so she would wait for night’s full turn. It would matter not whether darkness or light were to take their part for she would be true to herself and as such as clear sighted as any might be.


I for my part stood a little apart for I was in awe.


I thought that she must know, must see clearly how unsure I might be to draw close to such as her, but then I understood that the lady was also fey. A wild thing she was not to be tamed or harboured by the merest of rotas or routines.


She made her choices because ultimately they were exactly that and none other.


She was after all a Cosmic Princess, and such a rare thing in these later days that I found I must breathe and hold myself a moment longer before I could step forward and finally swear fealty to the lady....


Prince among men but governor of none

I stand apart, humble strong and free.

Is it wrong to feel the rush of my passion

Or do I just break with tradition, mess with fashion?

It no longer matters for I have found you now, and you me.

To the rest may go the spoils

I sit now with treasure beyond measure

These fluffy words drifted from my pen in early 2009.... The novel it births 'Entitled' tells tales of love eternally entwined, due in print 2020....Nuff said

Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man who woke up


I LIKE THIS... You don't develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday.You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity - EPICURUS