Douglas is the name I gave to my lizard. It seems a good idea to get up close and personal with your lizard if you want any hope at all of ever helping it to relax... Tis just my thinking.

Discipline, moderation, self responsibility, reflection, reason, rationality, patience, tolerance, accepting diversity.......

All of the above I propose would appear to be admirable qualities which appear I guess in the best of people
(not me I hasten to add, at least not yet!)

None of these are qualities I think that are likely to be exhibited by our lizards.

Whilst we all may aspire to (or some may indeed attain) some or all of these qualities, it is my understanding that they are to be found in the higher cognitive functioning areas of our thinking. I guess the point here is that when your lizard is triggered it cannot do what it believes its job is to be, hampered even by these noble constraints.

And so it is that in order to allow such diligence toward exemplary behaviour to floursih I find that the simple truth is that, first the cognitive mind needs to assist the lizard part of our brain's into staying in, or at least re-finding, a relaxed state as often as possible.

A triggered lizard ain't gonna care, and I think it is pointless trying to sugar coat how well anyone can exhibit such qualities without an equal or greater effort being applied to showing our lizard over and over again why the triggers of our infancy need not merit the responses of our infancy.

Given enough time and practice perhaps then a person may be able to portray optimum behaviour in the face of those things that life's journey has repeatedly invited a response less in keeping with any of the above; and more in keeping with

SURVIVAL........................Tis just my thinking