Freedom to Think


‘Hello. I wasn’t expecting you here so soon. You’re not early are you?


‘Err? I don’t think so. But then how can I tell? I put off thinking about this for as long as I could you know’


‘Oh yes, well of course I know that, everyone does.’ Actually you know we laugh about that here.’


‘Do you? Why’s that then?’


‘Well I don’t know really to be truthful. My boss says you spend so much time not thinking about it it’s a miracle any of you make it here at all.’


‘Does he?’


‘Well yes, but I think he must be joking.’


‘Why’s that then?’


‘Well you’re here. And to be honest you’re pretty lucky, there’s usually a queue by now’


‘Blimey. I don’t feel lucky.’




‘No. I was just watching You Tube’


'You Tube... Whats You Tube?’


‘Well its.its.its. Well it’s a bunch of stuff you watch on your computer’


‘Stuff. What kind of stuff?’


‘Well you know stuff.’

‘Stuff stuff.’

‘Music, and dancing, and clips, and..well stuff.’


‘Ah. I see. You like music and dancing’


‘See when I have finished on Facebook, you know, letting everyone know I am well you know, letting everyone know I am.’

‘Then I do my Instagram, and then my Tweeting on Twitter.’

‘Then I check my Whats App, oh and my dating app and my personal health and wealth app.’


‘App? What’s App then’


‘Oh come on.You know what an app is.............An app is,

well it tells you what to, well no not what to, more like how to.’

‘Well no that’s not quite right either.’

‘Let’s just say that it tells you stuff. Happy now?’


‘Happy, I’m always happy. Everybody’s happy here.’

‘Are you happy?’


‘I’m not sure.’


‘Perhaps App will know?’


‘Now you are being sarcastic.That’s not fair, you know I didn’t want to come here today.’


‘You didn’t Why’s that then?’


‘Well you see I am, well I was, busy.’


‘Busy ?

Doing what? Were you dancing and singing?’


‘No, no nothing like that, but trust me I’m as busy as a bee.. I was going to look for my hat.’

‘Any-way you can talk what do you do?’


‘What do I do? Would you really like to know?’


‘Yes. Go on tell me, what do you do?’


‘Ok. Well if you are sure then?’


‘Sure as eggs is eggs.’


‘Ok then. So I do a few things I suppose..........’

‘I am the meeter and I am the greeter. I am the gate keeper, and I am discreeter,

well than the one that was here before.’


‘Is that all?’


‘All? That’s quite a lot I’d say. Though I did make up that last bit, I liked the rhyming.’


‘Are you poking fun at me?’


‘Oh no. I am doing my other job.’


‘Other job, what’s that then?’


‘Well now, that’s deciding whether to let you in.’




‘Yes well I get some latitude from the boss, been doing this a while now.’


‘Well you gotta let me in.’


‘Let you in? I thought you didn’t want to come in.’


‘Well that was before.’

‘I’ve changed my mind.’

‘Now I do want to come in.’


‘Do you know what’s in there?’


‘No.But you said everyone’s happy.’


‘I did say that didn’t I?’

‘But how do you know you can believe me?’


‘Oh I trust you.’


‘Really? Would you like to see some ID?’


‘No that’s fine.’


‘How strange, back in the day you folks always used to want to see proof.’


‘Oh no. I don’t need proof. I can look you up.’


‘Look me up?’


‘Yep. I’ll look you up, see that’s how I trust you ’


‘Oh I see. OK, anyway I’ve decided.’


‘That was quick.’


‘It was wasn’t it?’


‘Go on then’


‘I have decided that you cannot come in.’


‘Why? I thought you liked me.’


‘Well I don’t dislike you..... I don’t really know you though, now do I.’


‘Well if you check my facebo..... Oh’


‘So now I think you should go back........And look for that hat.’


‘One of yours told me this a while back.......You need to stand up to ignorance. Because if you don’t the ignorant will run free.And they will spread ignorance like a dis-ease.’


‘Oh. I think I understand.You don’t want it in there.’


‘No. Precisely.’


‘Thank you for explaining. Will I see you again?’


‘Why I expect so. I’m Peter........... you will usually find me here.’


‘Do bring your hat next time you come’


David June 2019 – Tis just my thinking


Charles Dicken’s wrote ‘There are very few moments in a man's existence when he experiences so much ludicrous distress, or meets with so little charitable commiseration, as when he is in pursuit of his own hat.”

Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man     who woke up