Freedom to Think



Spent forces making choices beyond the wit of Plato
Thinking they’re the hero when all know its Kato
Mucking in or checking out, either way it is a rout
Frantic heretic out and about, wild words that he can flout
Fidgeting scandal raise a pulse or seven
Ducking Mephisto on a short road to heaven
Why you idiot dolts, over yonder rise
Belief is only magic tried on for size

Candles burning
Metaphors for learning
Issues concerning
Love full of yearning

Gypsies wandering far
Foes slipping through door ajar
Terrified of the Russian czar
Ameliorated in your car

So Mephisto watches smoking a cigarillo
As each night you lay asleep on your pillow
Mighty are the boundaries you set on your gird
Tiny are the clues so often you have heard
Is it time to get on or shrug your shoulders square?
Can you truly be vulnerable, can you make yourself bare
Can you do all of these things believing nobody cares

David Jackman 2014