Freedom to Think


I saw an angel once at the bottom of the garden

And again years later she gave me a hard on

Wayward enchantment sells me oh so short

Ducking and diving case by love I may be caught


Overwrought by leprous feelings of the gut

Driving out the chattering filling my nut

I can see the future well that’s what I make giddy

Falling from the crest down the slope so slippery


The past weighs heavy till I toss it out

The future has its say, but less of an amount

Why be in love, except perhaps to grow

To learn I must toss off all I think I know


So what of that enchantress with heavenly wings

Such magical melody that only she can sing

Well some days are good, and mayhap some are not

But tis better by far than those weeds never forgot


David Jackman 2014

Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man who woke up


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