Freedom to Think

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Everything comes from darkness, even darkness itself.

But can only be revealed by the light. We are each beings of g(l)ory and splendour


Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man who woke up


Every man casts a shadow; not his body only, but his imperfectly mingled spirit. This is his grief. Let him turn which way he will, it falls opposite to the sun; short at noon, long at eve.


Did you never see it? -Thoreau


No truer words were yet writ, and though mighty minds of the like of Jung, Epictetus, Nietzsche, and Shakespeare to name only very few have warned of the predilection of ignoring that shadow part of you, that which does not shine forth in the manner you desire, still the vast majority of us it appears spend a lifetime pretending first to themselves, and then to all they meet that the outer shell is the whole content, and that be it.


To ignore that part of you that at first spy is less seemly, less comfortable than the shiny armour you sell briskly to your neighbours lovers and friends is deeply entwined it seems to the shallow material banal lives led by a majority who have found their way by luck or circumstance out of the pit of needs into the garden of plenty.


A world filled with pseudo drama, vanity and complaint about ‘fair’ shares whilst all along grabbing crassly at a buxom load of whatever it may be that pushes that individuals buttons


And heh this is not analogous to simply material goods or wealth, though that occurs aplenty.


Throughout history we have had people keen on maximising their piety, their cynicism, their appeal to others, their opportunism, and a thousand other acquisitive paths strewn with denial of that very actuality


Now let us be clear here.


For, oh about ninety nine % of human history about ninety nine % of all humans have struggled mightily simply to exist from one day to the next, most still do..


Between Mother Nature, self-imposed disease, filth, famine and war humanity have done a fabulous job of trying not to survive to this halcyon age of plenty that exists (for some)


If you read the history books they are filled with blood and conquest, tribalism and destruction, a total disharmony with the natural world, and the long slow rape of the landscape and murder not just of one another but of almost all of the indigenous animals that lived there


If during the current pandemic you actually rise from your complaining sloth and take a walk into the countryside, like many others you will almost certainly behold crystal sharp beauty the like of which you have been dulled to for many a long day.


But ironically the line that has become so popular sums it up.


Most returnees from such a trip remark ‘how quiet it is in the countryside’


And to them this writer observes


YES – But it wasn’t always like that


It has taken barely ten millenia for human kind to kill a vast majority of what for the previous several million years we had lived in harmony with


T’wasn’t somebody else, it was you, and me, in the form of our forebearers


Tis fools gold to believe even for one moment that the malevolent, misguided, dumb, unlucky, weak and scurrilous souls that must have perpetuated in majority to allow so awful a stain to colour the cloak of humankind are a thing of yesteryear.


They are our forefathers and foremothers, and we are the distilled result


Look at the world around you, look at what we are doing ..... right now.


So I implore you  


Don’t whine about today’s pandemic wiping out everyone, we did a far better job of that ourselves already


Or about the brief inhibitions upon your life.


Was life really so great as you span around the hamster wheel awaiting your death day?


Last quarter it was hurricane floods and fires


The previous century it was the nuclear arms race.


Same shit, different generation


You and I and this whole generation have an opportunity, one that has never before been offered to the human race


A chance to pause


To slow the headlong charge


To consider the shadowy part of each one of us, and to understand that the worst crimes committed by any human being would likely be committed by you under the right circumstances, is the necessary removal of the first veil of self-deceit


That your behaviour is ever someone else’s fault follows closely behind


Acknowledge your dark side, accept your capacious skill at hiding it from you and the world.


Understand that most everyone is doing much the same thing deep inside (many not so deep to be fair)


The stoic resolution surrounded each of us understanding our desires and aversions.


The path ahead lies straight through your aversions, and directly away from your desires.


That is why it looks the harder path.


But freedom from deception and composure in the face of reality, most especially of the self, they were advising us more than two millennia past lay in not acting carelessly, but with duty and with honour


Tis just my thinking