Freedom to Think

Grow by Shrinking

So Coronavirus, particularly the 2019 vintage currently on offer appears to be teaching humanity many things, and to the writers perspective reminding all people of one or two more intrinsically critical lessons


And so at stupid o'clock this morning I was reminded of when I first heard The Archangel Gabriel conundrum (well parable really I suppose)


As I remember it goes something like this:


Gabriel came down one day to a decent enough soul and introduced himself. He explained that he (she) had seven days in which to order their affairs, say goodbye, and spend some time with those they deemed most important


At the end of those seven days without fail Gabriel would return and take that soul from this life forever


The person wailed and quailed and wept, complaining to that angel, whose stillness belied simple majesty, that they had so many things to do and so many moments with their loved ones as yet unspent


And so eventually the tears and wailing abated, and then only did Gabriel offer this simple wisdom


Though you weep you have had a lifetime of days and yet not done all about which you now contend, who among you ever was granted foresight of your date with destiny. Get gone and live you your best life....








So when a little down the track they offer you your old life back.


The same old people, habits, places, jobs, duties, distractions and direction


Gabriel might ask each one of you to think with care


About what you may wish to recover, and what you may, given that moment, and that clarity, leave aside forever


We all have an opportunity to shed some of the load that we carry


We all are being given this moment to consider, and to discover whether we have the courage of our convictions


Painted on a wall in my home, and I truly cannot recollect from whence it came are these words


'Excavate the past and find the shards of your buried dreams.

The begining of recovery lies in rediscovery'


Tis just my thinking ..... Stay safe



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