Freedom to Think

Introduction- Welcome to the world of Bobby and Mr Lane

So you've washed up here..... Who am I? What can you expect?, Why are you here? And who the heck are Bobby and Mr Lane?......


Ok. Me


David John Jackman.....

A lifetime of illusion and delusion washed carefully away in the pain of learning. In the recognition that the wound protection mechanism I designed as an infant to protect me in that reality, has served only to pull the covers over my head for much of the last five decades.


During those long years I guess I went from small child playing at imaginary heroes 'Bobby and Mr Lane' with my younger brother, to being the oldest male, and by proxy elder, for a whole heap of folks. Not a job I wanted, nor one I was very well qualified for....


I succeeded in figuring out how to make money, and in equal measure how not to respect that very same thing. I fell in love (though never with me), I taught myself how to blame anyone but me for the misfortunes I bought upon my own head. I learned how to bully, and to allow myself to be bullied, how to hide the truth in lies, and lies in the truth; how to hide failure in the image of success, and pride in my disposition to pain. I learned how to be a clever fool, how to talk too much and listen too little.....oh what lessons!


So what might you expect from so villified a soul?


Well my own unvarnished take on truth for a start.


I believe that people at a root level want to aspire to 'vintage love' ; a term I have adopted during my learnings to mean that place/way of living where the harmonics of connection, security, sharing, and nurture, are reliably met. You will also find I think if you read on a positive and warm belief in love, dignity, and the value of possibility. But everything comes at a cost, and that cost is taking responsibility


The clues I discover hide in plain site and those I have spied I share in words and pictures. I defend vigorously your right to be you, unique and different and welcome you riding along, your variety, your opinion.T'was the day I began to accept the differences in people  that my eyes began to open.


I hold no wish to change you or even seek your agreement, but I welcome you into my world, suggest you might take some time, breathe, and perhaps together we will create a new paradigm..........My world plus you, your world plus me.......... Sound like fun?

Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man who woke up


Can I just ask the last one leaving to turn off the lights......

Chance the Gardener: As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden.