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Top industries:

Most profitable % of turnover


1Crude-Oil Production








So here goes. I have come to thinking once more that the above image appears apt for a majority of us in the western hemisphere


According to wide ranging surveys, which I have composited down to a top three above, the three single biggest profit making sectors in all industry are oil, drugs, and tobacco.

So despite right minded people suggesting that we are waging all out war on tobacco it still ranks as the third most profitable business on Earth to get into.


Despite apparently devoting a multitude of scientific brains to coming up with an industrial sector and a  transportation system that does not place most of the planet into the hands of a few oil billionaires, oil is vying at number one with pharmaceuticals

And despite the human race being healthier than it has ever been we apparently need to take more over the counter and prescription medication than at any time in our history to contend with the plethora of ‘conditions, or at least their symptoms, that now dog the human race.'


It is suggested that coming up with ‘nicotine’ based solutions to the addiction of smoking is akin to trying to douse a fire with petrol as your preferred liquid, and yet now we find that the big drugs companies are getting into the ‘pharmaceutical’ form of smoking through patches, electronic cigarettes, nicotine sprays and the like, in order I might suggest to grab a bigger slice (in the name of health). How altruistic!


I wonder how long it may be before ‘Marlboro’ becomes synonymous as brand of Ibuprofen.


It has also been suggested that there have been many solutions/alternatives to oil powered industry and vehicles, but that as soon as viability becomes a threat they are repeatedly bought up and mothballed by the super wealthy conglomerates whose best interests are served by retaining the status quo.


It has (and is suggested in Big Pharma by Jackie Law) that our major drugs companies have not come up with anything new in most of the last 50 years. And by anything new these commentators don’t suggest a new delivery system that is more consumer friendly, or a different use for a drug that does the same as it ever did but in another part of your body, or a new and different presentation and combination to better disguise the ‘sameness’.


In all three industry sectors it is further suggested that the spend on marketing comes close to, and at times even outstrips the spend on R and D (research and development), obvious I grant you in the tobacco sector but a tad more concerning in both oil and pharma I would suggest.


Further concern might be expressed where in the oil sector, and to a degree pharmaceuticals, the great majority of this marketing spend is within the supply chain as opposed to aimed at the end user. I am thinking here we are talking about palm greasing, misinformation, oiling the wheels and other such vague phrasing.


I guess it is easy, as ever it was, to shout conspiracy, not my problem, I’ll be dead before it affects me, and so forth; and I acknowledge that a social conscience is not a necessity to any of our survival.


But I would just invite you to wonder, as I have wondered myself, whether I want more profit to have been made by the five Pharmaceutical giants in the Fortune 500 (in 2004) than by the other 495 organizations put together.


I believe that if people start querying, asking, voting with their feet, that the very same herd creatures that sit at the tiller of these great beasts will quickly be tamed to a more supportive and respectable  role.


People smoke. But imagine if you will if all the worlds smokers cut down by 5 cigarettes a day for a month; and said ‘hey we will do this again, and again’ till you provide the ‘freedom’ of a successful curative programme, and a sizeable chunk of your wealth toward our later care if we fall foul of that smoking.


Similarly if those same people all stated that they will stop driving their vehicles for 1 day a week until such time as the wealth of the oil giants liberates alternative industry fuels, and gives a sizeable chunk of who they are to saving our much maligned ecology.


If those same people woke up to the mis-marketing of the pharmaceutical companies and just simply stop buying a brand here, or a brand there, until such time as these companies get back on track and start working towards illness prevention R and D as opposed to ‘best profit’ symptoms management;

providing us with the cures to our ailments, as opposed to a list of ailments they prefer to moderate because they maximize profits.


Tis all a matter of opinion, but I for one don’t believe it has ever been about money.


I wonder if it is not about time we stopped being apologists for the irresponsible behaviour of these behemoths (and our own for letting it continue unchecked), and start taking ownership of this journey we each are upon….


Tis just my thinking

David Jackman 2014



The saline solution abrades us with committee,


Thoughts drip drip daily,pithy and rye.


Waiting for change that never comes freely,


Looking for the right cloud in cold grey sky.


The one true path neon clear in the fog,


Souls turned aside, stuck in damp bog.


Reason and rationale, season and passion now


Lesions and legions, and pain, pain oh how..


The answer at the bottom, did you score ten from ten


The slain committee in your head, your guide once again.


Thorn birds in a hedgerow chirping all day


I seen a house fly, and the like they mumble away.


The spikiest choice I pray, is the one to let go


To look up at the sun and surrender all you know.


Let go all the clouds and let sky be grey or blue


And maybe, just maybe, you will find you.


And what then of the finding, what comes after


Risen so high now, floating in the rafters.


Learning so hard to just defeat the day,


Finding even wisdom won’t keep routine at bay.


The yogi leaves his mat, the master ceases prayer


A sight to behold as they remain, in this world’s care.


Visions of true learning, the ceasing of such yearning


The path beyond restraints laid bare by burning change...



David October 2013

Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man who woke up