Freedom to Think


Ok so perhaps not quite what you might be expecting, this is actually about ego and the lizard. We all got both I guess, sometimes they serve us well enhancing our security, confidence and deliberation. But I wonder if I might stop for a moment and ask myself how often these serve me ill. How often the actions of the lizard, and the posturing of the ego do not bring me my preferred choice, instead taking me through a merry dance of language, actions and symbols designed only to protect their/your/my self image, often attacking/deceiving those around me.
I have for much of the past ten months begun learning a new language. As a fighter for freedom of truth (a truth, my truth) I wanted to learn the language I guess of what people really mean by what they do and say, and as a companion course, what I really mean by what I do and say, tis surprisingly different pretty often. So often we seem to use a nuclear warhead in order to settle a minor disagreement (thanks Al). We learn I think to be 'language mercenaries', designing tools for both defence and attack, and then honing them over years of professional service. I seem to fall back on master talk when I feel threatened, uncomfortable, needful of control etc. I have learned a fair bit already by watching, being more patient, and seeing where things are at down the road aways. Tis a tough course and you build up stress I think, and I will need to stay aware and practice lots of new skills over and over to remove this smoke screen from my own language, and become perceptive in reading true meaning in those I come into contact with. Predictive information will tell me some things but is mired in years of misunderstanding. But as I said both lizard and ego serve their purpose, they are a part of me and will I believe behave better if they are well treated. Watching to see when my ego needs a bit of masturbation time to relieve that stress, well seems reasonable I reckon, and may well save my life, or help me from attacking those around me with a warhead when all I meant was a light poke in the ribs....

Tis just my thinking......