Freedom to Think


'Mind you I am darned if I know what the stuff level is. It probably varies from one soul to another. For example it is probably a great idea for a majority of people to have two or three pairs of footwear (though a third of the world get by with none or only one pair). But then how many of those people need say, a car, or two cars, ten shirts, or mayhap twenty? (I am thinking you get the picture, so p'raps them minimalists got it right??)


Minimalist Superhero

So I looked at myself over recent years, my propensity to periodically dispose of large amounts of clothing, books and ornaments and furnishings, music and movies, saw the minimalist tag line 'less is more' and thought wow, that must be me. Except I soon realised it wasn't. Firstly I kept accumulating all this stuff I was giving/throwing away, and secondly I still had (have) a vast empire of stuff, and some of it I have regard for; so I read the books and articles on minimalism, and I generally found a group of people whose pursuit of astetic congruence with surviving on minimums did not strike a chord with my own lifestyle ambitions. As the greediest consumers are an anathema to me at one end of the scale so the most ascetic minimalist is at the scale's opposite what to do

I figured right minded folk would fall somewhere between those two poles, a great deal windward of the full blown consumer I was bought up in the west to be, but still somewhat leeward of reduction for reduction's sake. I have outlined below some of my personal preferences both planned and presently in place. Distilled from both ends of the spectrum.