Mister Smith

Freedom to Think

Tis passing strange to me quite how much effort a vast majority of us put into pursuading those we come into contact with to agree with our view of the universe. This is something that I guess is responsible for most every conflict that does and has ever existed in human history. From political debate to religous zealotry, from she or he is mine to I need/deserve/desire that food (resource of any kind) more than you.
Each of our minds, I would suggest, absorbs an external event view of the universe, almost instaneously it polarises a 'position', most frequently, according to my thinking, this is based upon a history of experiences, imaginings, precepts, teachings..............oh and that old favourite fears.......
Once that position is set, by a range of means, it would appear that we attempt to order the universe in accordance with that view that we have created. This offers each one of us, I am guessing, a 'safety net'. When stuff works out how we expect (according to the predictive information we have based our internal precepts upon) then everything is ok
I also would propose that the more disordered the universe appears to our minds the greater the extent to which we 'put our perceptions out there'. And previous success/failure I am thinking will most often dictate how we extend our message. Bullying, instruction, pleading, dishonesty, honesty, frankness, even witholding, all appear to me methods to portray our individual messages.
Sometimes we encounter a stronger, clearer, easier to absorb or suitable message. And my thinking is that in that moment we swiftly change our own position to acknowledge the acceptable
variance. It seems to me a rare thing indeed for the individual to acknowledge a previous position except wherein it advances the proposition of that new universal view.
Now here is where for me it gets a little strange............oh and acknowledges all of The Mister Smiths from the third of the trilogy of Matrix films dotted around the page (Ok a bit of my mental precept................If you haven't seen The Matrix I suggest it might be worth a watch, tis a thought provoking idea and might engage you in a new paradigm)
So imagine if you really could pursuade one person to your absolute view of the universe, and then another, and another, and in time everyone became a disciple. The same foods, the same clothing, the same ideas, indoctrinations. The same creative bents, the same qualities throughout from smallest to greatest.
The same flaws!
So here is a thought that might help to polarise my thinking, my view of the universe; in a way that sets us free?......Well perhaps!
The pursuader in this example is a genius at math, is a fantastic cook, and lover, and housekeeper for sure a heady mix. But a part of human perfection is I believe our individual imperfection; and so the pursuader has a weakness, let us say for arguments sake, toward malaria. Now the pursuader has managed to pursuade everyone to agree, to evolve in that absolute likeness; and that likeness cannot I would propose include a skill set that finds a cure for malaria. Now another of our human predilections it would appear to the writer are hiding/proposing our weaknesses as strengths.........................oops, we're all gone, bye bye.
Now I grant you this is a pretty sharp and unrealistic synopsis, but my suggestion is that our certainties, those ideas/views/ideologies/fears that we sell/impose/suggest/countenance one another with most often are the things that hold us back from true personal evolution.
I am thinking that if there is any truth in the old sage's suggestion that the whole of a group is greater than the sum of its parts, then an individual that welcomes differences, that validates the ideas and opinions of others whilst agreeably expressing their own 'difference' is at least on the path to enlightenment. and for sure is picking up a few more viewpoints.
Trouble is I guess, it kind of goes against our nature. But I think without embracing 'the other persepective' we is just gonna stay in our own private puddle, most often busily burping to an audience of one..........
In my experience easy to preach, jolly hard to practice...........tis just my opinion but perhaps worth a moment or two of reflection. I for one would not like a world full of Mister Smiths, even if they were all in my own perfect image of the universe........Tis only my thinking