Freedom to Think

Patience for the patient

pursuading and cajoling to ballast up my rightness
to tell my falsehood and hide my uptightness
Wasting years and years climb stairs to no place fine
polish up the outside with muted golden shine

My coat of many colours, vanity's bright hue
But another deception to make my slip ups true
Words escape like chimney smoke
Crap that pours out some kind of joke

Tis just my thinking true, but its safe to see the trigger
I know I am in play when I speak out with such vigour
I watch the patterns crawling like lead clouds lowering grey
Giving in to the constancy of the small voice every day

I learned about being present, about living in the now
but that is where the voice makes plans, seeks alliances and vow
So what to make, and how to boundary, this scandalous mess of eels
How to speak my truth, ring out the bells with zeal

My troth, my truth you see is not as I say, not even what I speak, on any given day

My truth is my deeds, and the moments betwixt each
My truth is when I cease to try, to learn instead of teach
My truth is the tears, and smiles and anger too
My truth is that the power of love brings me back to you

The false man in his colour coat tied at the nape
The false man in his idolotry standing all agape
The false man still a child stood upon the step
The false man of ineptitude, tis all about his rep

When all see my disharmony, and yet I am at peace
then and only then will the false man's voice be ceased
And so I gather and I thresh and I sit upon hard ground
And I learn the skill of patience for my time will come around



Put it back in its box once in a while and let your instincts be your guide,after all they do have 5 million years of human practice behind them........

Tis just my thinking......

If you should find yourself wholly perplexed and in dire straits, have patience, for patience is the key to joy......Jalaluddin Rumi