Freedom to Think

Perfidious Patrick



Perfidious pedantic practical Patrick

The man who scored a perfect hat trick

Worked with glee on Monday and Tuesday

Finished more solemnly through to the end of the week


He was the man for the instant comms age

His conventionalism right then was all of the rage

Whisper don’t shout that it’s cool to be weird

Patrick thought this was much to be feared


So he pushed his buttons and tweeted his soul

In pursuit of his master’s unattainable goal

He grew old by the weekend sat quiet by the fire

And by the time he was 80 saw he was deep in the mire


Of a senseless dance with no tune and no end

So crying tears of joy he went quietly round the bend




Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man who woke up

I LIKE THIS ... “Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.' ALDOUS HUXLEY

If like me upon occasion you tire of the constant scare mongering about everything from global warming to obesity that is propogated through the media, then this pair of literary tomes may well be for you ... Debunking in clear language the mythology of humanity's demise they may just make  you feel a tad better about the world and our place in it.....Just my opinion of course!!

I LIKE THIS ...  What I did not understand was why time and again, after fighting your way out of a swamp, you sank into a worse one. Then groping and cautiously looking about me, I gradually found out what has enslaved you: YOUR SLAVE DRIVER IS YOU YOURSELF......

Willhelm Reich-Father of Orgone Energy

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