Freedom to Think

Poetic Justice - A leap of Faith .


An epoch spanning narrative in the best tradition of gangster sci fi. Bought to you from the hand of David Jackman writing under the pseudonym Pop Shlockmeister.


A story of  eons old universe wide conflict, between The Vistarens, space faring Gods of another time, and The Hive - the proto humanoids from which we all have sprung. A tale too of heinous home grown evil, subtly intertwined across more than three hundred pages.


Journey with the author's ensemble cast and arrive at a conclusion that may prove cataclysmic for the whole human race


Originally sought out by publishers after a successful print run in 2007 this story has been renovated, re proofed, and is shortly to be made available in both electronic and print form with new cover art for 2020


Until then only a few copies remain of that first edition print run


If you would like to add this rare book to your collection


E-MAIL David at


Quote Faith21 for one of the last remaining copies at only £15.00 plus p&p

Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man     who woke up