Devil's Bargain ...

Thudding pounding tribal rhythm, mile upon mile freely given
Start line nerves, devil on my tail, quick on the wind my shoe's set sail

Running for the joy, racing just a ploy, to keep Mephisto away; wow.....oh boy

Pain and niggle wriggle from me, as mile after mile turns old wounds to glee
A vision of ecstasy, the finishing line, but that devil's still on me, mere yards behind

One last burst, one primal scream, one slake of my thirst, one fullfilling of my dream
Of being first, of escape from tight aching sore, but I'll be running in the morning,
like every day before

And what of that devil, that sooty burned trail chaser, well think on my friends
I need him he's my pacer

Penned by David Jackman 3rd August 2013

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