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Sheer Luck Holmes








Sheerluck Holmes.

Yep a mildly clever play on Sherlock I guess, that inspiring detective and forensic analyst. I suppose I have spent the past months attempting to be an emotional analyst, a detective of the heart........

I think I have been trying to put some of the issues I have carried with me throughout my life outside my door and on the step, perhaps hoping that the bin men might come along and take them away.....

After a number of attempts at wiping the grime off the windscreen accumulated on my journey to this point the results I would posit are simply this.........

'When all is said and done we are all just chopping wood and carrying water'

Tis my thinking that these issues are put in front of us as an invitation to go through them, I don't think that going round is an option any longer... (I used to)

My thinking is that problems are things that we decide to have. I work now on one affirmation only. When my mind tells me it does not like something (event, person, emotion, etc....) I respond ...........'I do'

Now I also think that there is no 'one' technique that will work for all of us in anything that we do, I recommend finding what works for you, not following what has (or might have) worked for some other. Tis good to listen and to learn, but I think our paths are our own, and uniquely designed for each of us.

I read recently (Paramahansa Yogananda I think) that we are each of us wrapped in a cocoon of our past, and that unravelling this is but the art of knowing which thread to pull and when and how hard to pull it, get it wrong and you will end up tied in worsening knots

So I guess pick at those threads carefully, and good luck on your journey

This has all been just my thinking..................

Complete the blank piece of paper with what works for you

Out beyond our ideas of right and wrong doing there is a field............. I will meet you there

The heavier crop is ever in other's fields...............