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Spirit Police

Spirit Police By Malidoma Patrice Some.Tribal Elder, Spiritual Teacher, and purveyor of Africa’s wisdom (click on the picture for more on Malidoma)


In my village, houses do not have doors that can be locked. They have entrances. The absence of doors is not a sign of technological deprivation but an indication of the state of mind the community is in. The open door symbolizes the open mind and open heart. Thus a doorless home is home to anybody in the community. It translates the level at which the community operates. In addition, this community does not have a police force because it does not assume that the other person is dishonest or potentially evil. The trust factor must be high. Elders say that the real police in the village is the Spirit that sees everybody.


Some years ago before I had children I lived as what us old timers might call a batchelor in a first floor flat in Hampton a suburb in west London. I found climbing up and down those pesky stairs a real pain and so after a time I took to hooking the front door at the bottom of the stairs open. I did this for some time and so my friends got used to just showing up. I guess if the door was shut I was either not there, or I was engaged in activities not inviting group participation. Anyway I figure that door was open for a couple of hundred days and nights across maybe three years, barring a couple of cats, a pigeon, and a small and frightened lost puppy nobody ever came in that was either unexpected or not welcome. Looking back I think that says something.........


I wrote this some years after and wonder at the echo of those days of freedom





The wind sighs against a creaking door

Footsteps in my mind creak upon the floor


Friend heaven sent, foe hell bent

Fear bars the entrance, no invitation sent


I wonder at the ghostliness of the walls we build

At the graceless invocation of this oh so western guild


Membership requires barriers of mortar and cement

Of protection from the evil that others may vent


But is it not true I rue to think in terms of peace

That by closing all the doors I seem like the deceased


I lose my connection to those ones I hope bring joy

And so the sighing of that wind is just my soul in desperate ploy...

David 16.01.2004

Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man who woke up



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