Freedom to Think

Dandelions growing once more in the cracks

Nature as always finding her way back

Smoke like mist wreathes around the willow

Owl hoots presage the dawn, whilst I lay on my pillow






Fields of wheat and barley

Sweeter than Bob Marley

Who cares for nature, but mother herself

Who dares to impinge on this visceral health







Smaug's  dragon cave, no handful of her treasure

Dolphins in the ocean, too many to measure






Give me a sunrise, a moon, a chattering brook

Give me a tree brashly swaying in the storm

Give me a lamb fresh and newly born

Bird song crooning, chirping, screeching, swooning

A rocky promontory, a woods or simple beach


I will trade you my job, my home and towered idyll

This artifice, this edifice, these drooling sad banalaties

These toys of little worth that so don't make me whole


I'll swap you the T.V. for a cold wind; and computers for the sun

I'll give you all my clothes, and give you bullets for your gun

But never take my nature away, for that is how I live each day

And never let me doubt....... that it will always be this way


David Jackman

Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man who woke up


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