Freedom to Think

Tis just my opinion but it seems to me that all the knowledge a man (or woman) accrues in a lifetime might be measured as but one small castle of sand upon an endless beach of sand.


And therefore that all of the  learnings of humanity might prove to be a fancy sand sculpture


And yet more, that the endless sea beyond the beach, might contain all the wisdoms, experiences, and moments that there are and have ever been from which we do not draw our modest learning.


I think I guess that next time I look at my fancy font of knowledge, which may be pretty, and articulated and presented in some way as to give it 'best light'.


Perhaps I may stop for a moment and gaze at the beach beyond, at the grains of sand (knowledge) uncountable; and further even the sea beyond those grains swelling up to crash upon that sand, and in so doing to change everything on a moment by moment basis.

Perhaps there I will find my humility, and I guess the lesson that faith in anything is rarely about knowledge of that thing.......

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