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The five Million Club

In some ways it seems to the writer that humans are rather complex constructs, trillions of atoms making billions of molecules.


Each formed into millions of moving parts, in turn creating thousands of processes within hundreds of internal structures, allowing for infinite possibility.


Yet the combination of all that complexity results in a living animation that in fact is straightforward. We all as far as I can tell share a simple five point directive that appears to be pretty universal, an innate part of our design template.


That whilst described separately here in my view overlaps to form one whole, and is uniquely ‘versioned’ to each of us, and the cause of all ‘relating’ conflict, and lastly that demands real time satisfaction moment by moment.


The core drivers may I think be described as:


1. The genetically programmed need to survive – SAFETY

2. Connection, the need for relationships, giving/receiving affection LOVE

3. Achieving competence, skill, ‘worth’, to feel listened to – POWER

4. Autonomy, the sense of independence and self-direction – FREEDOM

5. The need or at least hope of pleasure fun and laughter - PLAY


William Glasser wrote some years ago about The Quality World, the mental picture album of people, things, ideas, and ideals upon which each individual perceives the quality of their existence. The measure of where they sit in the SLPFP whole.


For some time now this writer has advocated a four word mantra to measure and TO IMPROVE one’s existence in this world.


I believe this mantra a universal equation, one that if answered correctly and regularly (with complete self-honesty) wakes an individual up and directs from hopeless toward hope.




And it works I believe because of one simple universal truth.


Good and bad (right and wrong, correct and incorrect) are human ‘interpretations’, seemingly requirements developed to interpret what William Glasser coined The Quality World.


These are not as our minds would convince each of us, universal constants.

Surprisingly this turns out to be good news.


Our universe, the physical reality within which we all exist is not constrained by anything as arbitrary as good and evil. A structure of infinite resource, it is seemingly designed to give us as cognitive unitary members anything and everything.


In its simplest form the universe provides each of us what we think we need. Like your body feeding its component parts the nutrients each ‘demand’


This is not I believe wish fulfillment, nor is it wacky holistic Om


If you are willing to share harsh truth with yourself you will find, without exception, that the shortcomings in your life are ALWAYS there because at some root level you have told yourself (advised the universe) that is exactly what you deserve.


If you wish to invoke change you might start here:


1. Look inwards and figure out what it is you DESIRE (you may be surprised how many people desire pain, sadness and conflict)

2. To ASK for something in universal terms comes by showing intent. This can be by mental, physical or spiritual process, by habit or pursuit, by withdrawal or removal. Whichever, once you have configured what you want ASK and be clear with yourself what you are asking for

3. To BELIEVE you deserve what you desire is a completely internal process, and this is where honesty comes in to its own. People tell one another what they want, often display ‘wanting’ like a peacock on show. And then contend to prove that a lie. People are not honest with themselves. Remember right and wrong are human considerations. If you believe you deserve crap (deep down in your Jungian core) then that is what you will get. And you will get it because deep down at the bottom of the iceberg where the weight of lies hides from the daylight that is, in fact that must be, what you truly believe. I sincerely believe the universe will supply you amply

4. RECEIVE is simply the delivery of what you have asked for, what you have desired, what you believe you deserve.


So how does this work in every-day life, how in particular with the monsoon of broken poorly relating people. How does this work with poverty, and hardship. We live in a world filled with at least as much pain as pleasure, at least as much hope foresworn as hope enabled. We grow up through imperfect childhood to broken adulthood, often despite our best intentions trying, often desperately, merely to do slightly less badly than those that went before


Yet here is the thing, and there is no getting away from it.


If you are reading this then you sit atop an evolutionary line that is at least five million years long. For you to be here now ten thousand generations have lived and survived long enough to bear every forefather and fore mother that came before you. Millions of others never made it this far, their lines broken before this peak. You are unique, and you are an absolutely magnificent miracle in that universe described.


The work of changing any person’s internal dialogue is not easy. The old programs have run on whilst we slept, in some cases through hundreds of generations, and in any case through your life to this point.


But actually what if any one of us can change our whole world in just four steps?


1. Desire – What do you truly want for yourself?

2. Ask – Are you willing to ask for what you truly desire?

3. Believe _Will you believe that you deserve this life that you ask for?

4. Receive – Don’t wait around, get on with life and your life will become your gift


Tis just my thinking

David December 2019


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