Weregild (also spelled wergild, wergeld, weregeld, etc.) was a value placed on every human being and every piece of property in the Salic Code. Also known as "man price." If property was stolen, or someone was injured or killed, the guilty person would have to pay weregild as restitution


So what's this then David?

I guess something like this... I often come across the term 'wounding' to describe the hurts/events that we encounter in our lives, those which my mind has rationalised with much learning as the primary tool by which my personality and many reaction processes evolved.

Holes seemed somehow a better description or sharing of language to me. I think that when we come into this world spiritually we are tiny peices of perfection, and so the imperfections of life, events, hurts and happenings poke holes in that perfection.

As I began to wake up I understood the importance of 'language' and how negative the word wounding sounded to me.

Wound = Hurt= Pain

Holes can be filled in I just needed to learn how to stop digging the diirt out and to start putting it back in. And find a clearer idea of what I wanted to plant in those holes and grow and nurture...........Tis just my thinking