Freedom to Think

The three legged Zebra

Learn lifes lessons, all your journey has to teach

Discard them like sand grains on an endless golden beach

Words are the greatest, of the artifice of man

The tool for each to measure what they cannot, what they can


I deem certainty a deception wrapped up as worldly wise

And therein do we err, tis an error of some size

The claret door of clarity in some other guise

The simplest of simplicities, loves crusty little pies


Each year an anniversary, of pain, old stain, remains

Christmas, death and births, all the blessed same


The devils demeanour, our didactic redeemer

Of all of our sins against thought and seemly feelings


A laugh and a grin, our morals in the bin

In pursuit of the moment and not considered yang and yin

And so what of raw fun, Ill speak now on the run

Of dancing on the ledge of some hope oft begun


And so we patronize others for being incomplete

For being a three legged Zebra standing up in the heat

And yet all the four legged herd, so free and right to judge

Wind away their days in a deception fuelled fudge


I am a three legged zebra on an African plain

The universe has taught me that time and time again

I like to look through heat haze, and spy what I may see

And reflected in the faults of others

Well....... what I see is me.........


I think tis good wisdom to live by the voices we never hear, and tutor that voice that is never quiet that it fills but one space at a table of many

David Jackman 2013

Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man who woke up


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