Freedom to Think

Thomas of Britain and Beroul, wrote of Tristan and Iseult

And began our very affair with love as a result


Of romantic love, and tragic end, and Shakespeare's Romeo

Of seizing love against the odds, and all that then is woe


Of Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot much more has been said

But their's was love so knighted, and requited long after dead


Put her in a leper colony, a house of Lazar

Hang him from the gallows bought back from afar


King Mark who loved them both, but still was a king

Honour bound, betrayal made, he had to do that thing


Wounded by a Lance (lot) Tristan calls out to his friend

'Kahedin can you find my love and bring this pain to end'


But when Kahedin comes the sails are black not white

And so it is betrayed in love Tristan dies that night


Iseult her heart broke watches long, then takes her life to join

The only man she ever loved, and allowed into her loin


Tis a fiery tale of broken hearts, and love that goes beyond

But also of the pettiness of those without love's wand.......


David Jackman July 14


Drustanus hic iacit cunomori filus cum domina ousilla..

Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man who woke up


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Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history... Plato