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The Future is the Undiscovered Country

Having spent some years advocating the sense in charging head long into a future unknown; I finally think I have woken up to how unknown mine (and most everyones) past is to them. It is the past I might suggest we seek to discover first, and so with it the tools to more fastidiously contend with the vagaries of that unknowable future.



As I write, the somewhat haunting 'Child in Time' by Deep Purple plays (I am thinking a touch too loud for the neighbours), and I turn to thinking also about that oft repeated statement I have heard over and over in the last few years, that there is no time?


Tis of course just my opinion but I think what many people mean by time is the system by which we measure the pace of change, so then when those same people try to use this system to measure other things why are they surprised when it ceases to function effectively?


Seems to me a little like using a volt meter to measure how much water you put on your garden in summer, t'ain't gonna work out. In that misused world I guess there truly isn't any time. I think it's all about having the right tools for the job


A number of flashy self help writers out there (writing to instruct you on how to help yourself, now there's a contradiction in terms!) advocate 'living in the Now'.


I think this all sounds well and good but I have not heard one of them explain how they climbed inside their heads and had a word with 'mind' ,which in my estimation spends the tinest fraction of it's energy in the present and a whole heap in them other two places (past and future).


And better yet the reptilian brain, what my teacher calls The Lizard; that bit that controls the core. 'Fight, Flight, Freeze, Submit.


I learn I think that by definition the 'requirement for safety' which is what the lizard brain looks after is one of the primary covenents, and so effectively I guess the most powerful bit inside your head; and I am pretty certain it doesn't have a clock, nor indeed consider the merits of now as opposed to some other moment in existence.


But heh what do I know, putting it out there for thinking is all


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