Freedom to Think

What about the Children?

Isn't it time we stop the cycle of violence, how long are we going to keep tempting fate? Tis just my thinkings……but what is the legacy we are leaving our children



Imagine if you will the day when finally they come


Across the major cities of Earth the skies darken with the long feared bulk of alien craft, vehicles of power and majesty previously unimagined by humankind.They seem impervious, distant from everything that evolves below as some 7 billion souls revise their place in God's universe, make efforts at contact, nudge and bully, roll over and show their soft underbelly, play all the games of politics, delusion, and grandiosity that really are little more than prequels to combat, as they have been taught across some five millennia of herd existence.


The craft just hang there, for seven days; somewhat akin to those fateful seven days when the great religious books told that the Lord created the Heavens and the Earth. Eventually on the seventh day humanity does what humanity does best; we attack, but not on that seventh day some crazed dictator seeking to improve his or his nation's lot, rather a concerted effort by all the member countries of 'technological' Earth......all the warring tribes, in unison, as one. Drawn together by seven days of fear, unbridled awakening, like nothing since the dawn of the race's time. A First and a Last......


The assumption has gathered inevitable pace that the visitors from the stars must be malevolent in the absence of any response to man's rules of contact.And so for some twenty hours unbroken the tribe bombard these alien craft with all of the violent means of war known and learned across millions of years of evolution, honed to a very fine art.


The damage to Earth's ecology, to humanity's place in the 'scheme' is immeasurable within moments, terminal within minutes, and catastrophic by the end of those twenty hours. But if you can imagine a furious mouse attacking an old bull Elephant you might come close. Yes the mouse might believe the Elephant will scream pull up its skirts and run away, but inevitably reality tells a different tale


On the 21st hour of that fateful day humanity gets a response


Systematically across the globe and inexplicably to scientists and thinkers and theologians alike people just begin to die. No method, no pattern, people just falling where they stand, next to them others surviving, some to fall a minute later, some still left standing. Where frailty might make likely old before young, fools before the wise rules are put up on the shelf, and so humankind lets out a sigh rather than a scream as finally the race understands that they got it wrong


The carnage grows the inevitability of an end to absolute, no chance for survival increasingly obvious. Upon the alien craft life forms beyond the imagining of any three dimensional mind watch what has occurred impassively.


For them this is not the first time they have seen such action instigated .


Some millions of years before as measured by this Earth turning it's Sun these beings created and programmed 'the human race' what we might perceive as computers, self evolving robots, a lesser form of life than themselves created to survive and replicate, given all that they saw was needed to develop and grow within their environment. Seedlings planted in a window box if you will.


The makers visited this garden planet some previous times, made a previous experiment and then in frustration at such unchecked growth of innate ferocity bought that existence to a sudden end some 65 million years before. Upon that occasion they recognised the failure to import an off switch in their 'Dinosaur' project, were obliged to drop a rock into the garden to stir things up and remove the anathema the experiment had become.


It took some time before the breeding ground recovered, before the seeds were sown for a new and improved experiment. But the beings from the stars measure time in eons so this was of little concern

So humanity evolved, peaked, and was asked the question, simply by contact with their makers.


And in the moment they answered that question with violence the makers, better prepared this time around, just switched them off. Saw another failure and moved on............... to us.........


And so children I want you to pay attention, learn these lessons and pass them on to all the generations to come………….We are tribe…………we are love…………..we are one


Isn't it about time we got the message.

An essay by David J

Originally written in April 1996, revised in May 2013

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