Freedom to Think

Who you spend time with is who you become


Seemingly all knowledge is something borrowed.


Knowledge as a precept seems to me the mechanism by which a person becomes and then is aware of their existence, and in the same instant is aware and has a representation of things other than their existence (everything else)

This of course then removes any ‘physical’ limitation and introduces the realms of thought and feeling, and as well as the known, the unknown, and the unknowable


Apparently we acquire snippets that allow us to continue to exist, and then as such we are a vessel, and so we carry that knowledge forward in time and in space as long as we journey


Knowledge also seems to me forever incomplete, simply awaiting greater knowledge within which it may embed and evolve.


Some consider this the evolution of wisdom.


This is a future moving process as far as I can tell


Many people have enquired

‘Do you hear the voice in your head?’

The one that mostly talks at you incessantly


Are you that voice?

The author and arbiter, or is it something/someone else?


It does appear to spend an inordinate amount of time and energy in a majority of people seeking to ‘impart’ its version, its knowledge of both reality and preferred and feared fantasy, and a strange sort of ‘odds’ calculator about how the universe is lining up, and to what accord with that voice


You kinda gotta wonder.


Is the voice real?


Is it a gateway to the other half of you?


If it’s just you then why talk to you, you have decided already what it is you intend to say, therefore the listener (you) knows what is coming.

And even worse the voice is wrong (as we are so often) much more than it is right


But we do pay attention to that voice, and indeed many of us no longer separate at all the voice from the listener, thus living in the fantasy that speaker creates and believing now that internal versioning of events is in fact reality


Now sometimes it is good to merge....


There is a famous quote (attributed to several) that ‘you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’. Or put another way ‘spy your friends spy your future’.


Recent research has shown that it is much wider than that. A thirty year programme across thousands of disparate people demonstrated that you can cycle this out and evidence that you are not just influenced statistically strongly by the friends/family you choose to be around, but by the friends/family they choose to be around, and even one cycle further.


So advice/knowledge number one - Have a care who you surround yourself with.

Look not just at them, but at who they surround themselves with. As an aside experience has demonstrated to me that this secondary review helps to identify and accustom you to a person’s level of authenticity


But expanding on this concept a little further let’s return to the voice for advice/knowledge number two -


Tis often a voice not talking directly to you, but inviting you to watch as it engages in conversations real and imagined, past present and future, with other people; mostly known but sometimes never met or indeed never even existing – Your dreams are often a good tapestry to demonstrate this type of conversation.


So I propose that good mental and emotional and physical health is not in this regard an ‘essence’ drawn from your five regular contacts (though that and the rest seem abidingly true) but is furthermore helped or hindered by the people whose voices and conversations you choose to retain in your mind


At Philosophy school the first lesson we learned some months ago was to ‘pause’ and ask ourselves ‘what would a wise person do/say/think?’


In NLP you are taught to build inside your mind a ‘Council of the Wise’


So if you spend half your mental time watching yourself arguing with your neighbour, or pleading with your child, or standing up to your bullying parent, well that seems to me people forming a significant part of your five, every bit as much as those you share a coffee with each day


Once more I am guided to the internal choices mattering at least as much as the external ones ...


Tis just my thinking


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