Freedom to Think

Yin and Yang

Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man who woke up


Yin ventured forth with Yakuza riding out on star bright night

Saddled on most handsome dragons one of black and one of white


The moon winking, wore a cursory smile

As Yin sought freedom from days of trial

Dark looked Yakuza though not such ebony black

Ivory white was Yin, garbed in silk and sack

Spoke they did till sated of things some great and small

Yin’s words were dry and passive, small leaves in the fall

Yakuza spoke of many things, and was reputed bold

Many tales spoken, retold with pride that glowed


After a time it might be seen that Yin somewhat did frown

Night wore on, the dragons tired, she commanded they set down


Now Yakuza was argute, and thought to choose a town

Yin instead sought copse of trees and country all around

The dragons grazed in misty grass, then bellowed at the moon

Yakuza with bubbling energy thought to speak too soon

Yin looked long at Yakuza and seemed to have a previse

In trees dark shade the lady watched from deeply hooded eyes

Change was coming it seemed, though what each would not say

But perhaps their pairing time was soon to pass away


For Yin and Yakuza imperfect together they each had been for many a year

Though both would say, and neither fey, they held each other dear


The mistigris between them had long since passed away

The songs they sang though troth could not their love allay

The frown of yin said many things but mostly spoke of despair

Yakuza was a fine companion, but was not truly her pair

Yakuza was autolatry, happiest as one

Yin though was imago and sought the joy of moon and sun

But bereft of another in digamy she could not, would not sway

But perhaps at last this was a maledicent day


For stood upon a hilltop, now striding slowly forth, there stepped a man in blackest hue

Like to Yin he seemed, as one and one make two, but yet not, like the shadow is to the true


Up close he spoke to Yakuza first, and honoured they stepped apart

Then without a pause he turned to Yin and quickly shared his heart

You have become agelast my lady, your love is who I am

I bow to you, and complete us, I pronounce my name is Yang

As you are Yin in white, so Yang is blackest night

As you are passive I am active, we are balanced right

The world it will not turn without a diverse pang

Join hands with me my lady for we are Yin and Yang...


David Jackman

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Agelast - Never laughs

Argute - Shrewd

Autolatry - Self worship

Troth - Faith

Digamy - A second marriage after death or a failed first

Maledicent - Speaking evil

Mistigris - Joker

Previse - Foresee